The staff of Litmag 2014 celebrated its launch in April. The event was attended by the magazine’s staff, friends and family of the staff, and many members of UMSL’s English department. The turnout was incredible, and all attendees were treated to readings from those published in Litmag 2014.

Litmag is no longer accepting submissions for its 2014 edition. However,  the staff of Litmag 2015 will begin accepting submissions at the start of the spring 2015 semester. The submissions guidelines for next year can be found HERE.

You can find us on Facebook, and you can email any questions you may have to

3 thoughts on “Litmag

  1. Unfortunately not at the moment, we discussed releasing an electronic text version for the 2015th edition of Litmag, but due to budgeting constraints it looks like we’ll have to hold off another year.

  2. My husband submitted a short story and was told you accepted it as one that will be published his name is Robert Weismiller The Bells of San Bernardino – can you tell me when the copies are out so I can get one for him – thank you

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